Download the latest version of OpenShot Video Editor

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Current Version: 2.0.6 - release notes

PPA Instructions (Recommended for Ubuntu):

Easy install, and Easy Updating! Our PPA only works with Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty) and above . Install using the PPA .

Windows & Mac Installers:

Please choose the correct OS from the lists below and download the installer.

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Source Code Tarball:

If you are just interested in downloading the source code for OpenShot, you can find the tarball with the entire source from our bzr branch. An alternative way to get the latest source code is to use the following command: " bzr branch lp:openshot/2.0 ". To install OpenShot, run the command " sudo python3 install ". NOTE: This tarball does not include the dependencies that OpenShot requires, such as libopenshot, libopenshot-audio, and FFmpeg.